Glorious Model O 2 (Wired) Issues

Hey all, I purchased my glorious model O 2 from BestBuy a month ago now and already am finding major issues.

Issue #1: Failed clicks
I have debounce time set to 4 (same as model o) and am noticing that single clicks arent registering

Issue #2: False debounce time
Despite having a debounce time of 0, which is 4 less than the model o I am only butterfly clicking 18 cps compared to the model O’s 23…?

Issue #3: Macro Lag
Everytime I begin a macro it instantly lags my game.

If anyone has advice of how to stop these from happening please let me know, otherwise I do not advise purchasing this mouse.

Sorry to hear you are having problems with your Model O 2 @swaggy_mcswagggg. I would recommend reaching out to Glorious Support, as that is going to be the fastest and most reliable way to resolve the issue. Any suggestions we make here on the forum and going to be educated guesses at best.