Glorious Model O 2 Pro Wireless Stuttering while in game

I play counter strike 2 at a highly competitive level. I just received the model O 2 pro wireless 1k after swapping from the amazing glorious model O wireless. I went through the setup got everything working and noticed that randomly while playing CS2 the mouse has random stutters making it seem like the game is lagging but it is really just the mouse. The easiest fix is to plug it in and just play wired. Of course this is not what I would like to do. I have reached out to support and just want to say the response time is immaculate. Props for that. I was told that the dev team is working very hard to get this fixed with a firmware update. I didn’t see many forum post for this so i figured i’d share for others that are also having this issue.

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Check out this quick start guide. It solves some of the most common issues with stuttering. If you’re still having trouble, our customer service team can help you troubleshoot here.


Updating to Windows 11 fixed the stuttering issue for me… so far! Thanks for the fast response.

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Update: After a day of gaming on win11 the problem has occurred once again… Please notify when a firmware update is out.

There usually aren’t notifications regarding device updates. Best bet is to check the Change Logs. If you or anyone else sees it feel free to let us know.

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