Glorious Model O 2 Pro Lag and Firmware problems

Hey i got my Model 0 2 Pro 1k and it keeps getting input lag sometimes on wireless. Also i cant update the firmware. Anyone knows some fixes? I did run Core as admin and had dongle and mouse plugged still cant update

Hey @TobiM welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about the mouse. The quickest way to get this resolved would be to contact Glorious Support. They should be able to get you up and running.

The only advice I can give based on limited knowledge of the situation for the input lag is to move the dongle to a different location on the computer. I would get unusual behavior on mine I believe due to signal noise. That cleared as soon as I moved it. However, that doesn’t resolve the update issue. Keep us posted on if you are able to get this resolved with support.

on my model O i had the wireless dongle in my pc. I now have the dongle with the cable next to my mousepad but thanks for the help i will write the support