Glorious Model I Wired and Glorious Core

Whenever I have my Model I Wired plugged in to my PC, the Glorious Core software immediately shuts down. I assume it’s crashing. For awhile I was able to open Glorious Core and then plug in the Model I to program it. However now with the most recent 1.x Beta on the site, it always crashes as soon as I connect the mouse.

I am no longer able to reprogram the mouse and it’s stuck on a higher DPI than I would like (I remapped the DPI up/down for additional buttons), and the DPI is higher than I would like.

I own multiple Glorious products and have been a big fan. This experience however, has been terrible and has me really questioning my purchase. I love the hardware of the mouse, but the software is frankly unacceptable. I don’t think this should be for sale with such poor software support.

Sorry you are having this issue? Have you tried rolling back the software to the previous version of the software that worked? It might be a “bug” in the new software causing a driver issue with the Model I. If you are able to get back into Core, are you on the latest firmware for the mouse?

By the comment on “poor software support”, does that mean you have reached out to Customer Support for their feedback and direction? If not, I would reach out to them for their feedback. There could be another issue going on the capability with the Model I firmware and Core.

By poor software support, I mean the only piece of software I have to configure my mouse shuts down 100% of the time, leaving me with no way to configure the product.

In contrast, my Model D, my GMMK, and my Model O have all been configurable without issues.

I would try an older version of the software, however I am no aware where older versions are hosted to be downloaded. The software center page offers no link to older versions that I can see.

Is posting on this forum not a form of contacting Customer Support?

No, the forum is mostly monitored and maintained by volunteer moderators. A few Glorious staff members keep an eye on the forum to make sure we haven’t set the place on fire, but it is not support.

Glorious support can be reach here.
I would highly suggest reaching out to the Glorious support team, and see what suggestions they have in regards to helping fix the issue.

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