Glorious Model I Stopped Responding

I plugged my Glorious Model I gaming mouse into my computer for a firmware update, as the Glorious Core software had to told me to. However, mid-firmware update, the software crashed, rendering my mouse unresponsive. I am not quite sure how to get it to work again and am looking for suggestions as I need this mouse ASAP for my upcoming projects.

Yeah, I’ve had something similar happen to me a few times. Oddly enough, I only ever hear about this issue with the Model I.

I would suggest attempting a factory reset on the mouse.
Press and hold the mouse 1, mouse 2, and middle mouse button for 5 seconds. After holding for 5 seconds, the RGB should flash green.

If that doesn’t work, I would recommend contacting Glorious Support for help. They are much more practiced in resolving these issues and will be able to walk you through troubleshooting.