Glorious Model I registering multiple clicks per one click

so i got my model i a couple days ago and after using it for a bit it kinda broke and now it gets alot of cps but today it suddenly unbroke itself and is registering clicks normally, does anyone know why it broke and why it suddenly fixed itself?

Hmm sorry to hear that is happening to you but unfortunately I have no clue. I just got my Model I on the 23rd and I have not had any problems with it so far. I hope you can get to the bottom of what happened because it would be nice to know just in case it happens to mine one day. Hopefully it won’t happen again to you and that it never happens to me but better to know then not to know, you know

This has happened to many other streamers . Nobody knows why but it’s not just you!

What exactly happened to your MODEL-I?

i click it once and it registers 3-7 clicks

What are you debounce settings?? Glorious core should also check your firmware version.

My debounce settings are lower than default, but I’m providing this as a reference. An employee, or another member could tell you want the default debounce settings is possibly. Honestly I tried mine at the lowest debounce setting, and couldn’t produce a double click, but brought it back up to 4ms anyway.


Yeah, @OrgChaos hit the two things that I would immediately recommend looking at. I toyed with the debounce time and found that 6ms was more or less a sweet spot for me. Anything lower than that and I was getting misclicks and multiple registrations on almost all my button presses. If you’ve toyed with macros or rebinding buttons, I would also suggest hitting the “reset to default”, saving the profile, and then setting the the macros/key bindings back up.
Keep in mind, whatever profile you are currently on when you save will be the profile that the mouse loads as its default.

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