Glorious model I 2 Macro input error.

Hey All.

I have a Model I 2 with a macro that simply just spams mouse 1, bound to the sniper button to play while the button is held.

If I hold mouse 2 though, and then press the macro, it will release mouse 2.
If I press the macro, and then hold mouse 2, it will keep it held down.

I have already reported this issue to Glorious, and they are saying they have actually found the issue and are looking for a fix.

I am simply just uploading this in case any others have had this issue as well, to shine some light on it in hopes that it will get fixed. It has been a good 3 months now.


I just want to bump this because I too have this issue on the I 2 wireless with Glorious Core setup.

I have a macro bound to the middle click.
While holding down right mouse click, clicking the middle button activates my macro but it also cancels the hold on my right click.

The expected behavior is to have the right click held throughout the macro sequence.
This is how it works on my Model D wired on the old Model D software.

Hope to see this rolled out as a bug fix.