Glorious Model D wireless RGB Lightning not working

Hello, I’ve been using my glorious model d wireless for a year without any issue.
Now the RGB lights just stopped working… I tried to reinstall firmware, but that did’nt work.

I’d recommend reaching out to Glorious Support for troubleshooting assistance @JanK. That’s going to be the fastest and most reliable way to get to the bottom of the matter.

I tried it, but they told me to use the community…

Hi @JanK sorry to hear you’re having issues with your Model D Wireless. Did you try updating the firmware through CORE? We’ve got instructions for how to do this here: core v1.0.14 firmware update

Main call out is to make sure you uninstall your current version of Glorious CORE first. Please let me know if you follow these instructions and still have issues!

I’ll try it, thank you

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