Glorious Lynx Lubed switches double strike actuation?


I’m having a prroblem with some Glorious Lynx Lubed switches (which just happened while I was typing this on the “r” letter there). I’ve had about 5 switches start making doouble (gah again, ‘o’) actuations. I’m using a Drop CTRL barebones with these switches. The keyboard was fine on the last couple of switches I used, this has only happened with these lubed Lynxes. LOVE the switches but these double strikes are killing me.

I’ve replaced 3 switches so far and that has fixed the problem on those keys. But it’s also happening (with less frequency) on another 3-4 letters. So I’m going to replace thoose as well (‘o’ again, ugh).

Any suggestions? It definitely looks like the switches are to blame, because when I replace them then the problem stops. Is it the pre-lube or something? I’d rather not pull them apart. These were super expensive.


Welcome to the Guild @Pharrian. I hope someone can help you with your problem. I personally don’t have the answer but nevertheless I want to welcome you to the community

I have those switches in a couple different keyboards but have never had that problem. Curious if anyone else has experienced this.

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Hi @Pharrian, sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your lynx switches!

Definitely reach out to our support team (Glorious Gaming - Support - Official Web Store) and let them know what’s going on. I’ve not heard of this particular issue before, but they’ve got their own issue tracker and may have a way to troubleshoot the issue or offer other solutions.

Thanks everyone, I’ve reached out to support so hopefully they can help me. Much appreciated everyone!