Glorious Lynx Leaf Ping?

I have a set of Glorious Panda’s that I really like, but something I don’t like about them is the leaf ping. I’ve tried lubing the leaf to eliminate it but its inconsistent at best.

I was considering a few boxes of Glorious Lynx switches but I’m honestly a little worried they suffer from leaf ping as well. Anyone have experience with the Lynx switches and have a good opinion on how good or bad the ping is on them?

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I’ve been using them a lot recently and haven’t noticed anything…most of the time has come with headphones on or blasting music but I don’t recall any. I think they sound good.

Try lubing the springs. If you want to go fast throw them all in a bag with a little 105 and some air. Shake and reinstall. I’ve found that lubed springs usually eliminate ping.

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