Glorious Ice Dead Spots

I had been using the Ice mousepad but it’s gotten like dead spots on it where the mouse will catch and drag. I’ve tried cleaning it but that doesn’t seem to help. Anyone else seen this issue and know of a fix?

I would say there’s probably no good fix for this if you’ve tried giving it a good wash. How long have you had it?

“The Elements Ice pad has a very unique surface. Due to its sensitive nature, oils from your hands and other grime can effect its glide. We recommend cleaning this pad regularly to maintain optimal performance”

So if you’ve had it for some time it’s probably a mix of being dirty and being well used.

Had it almost a year. Cleaned it regularly but I guess it’s used up. Shame it didn’t last longer.

Unfortunately, I feel like the Ice pad has a shorter life span than the other elements pads. I’ve owned two over the years and I have worn both out in about 4 months.

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It would be kinda nice to get an updated version of the element pads for both aesthetics and performance

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