Glorious Guild Status Tracker?

Hello, I am very new here, and honestly cannot tell where I am at on this tracker scale. I know my points would add up to over 15 (I’ve spent $400 over the past week). From what I can tell, is this tracker showing Zero points for me?

also I noticed under my profile picture, it shows “standard” instead of Guild Member (don’t have the option to change it to GM)


Hello @Missinde! Sorry to hear there is a disconnect. It sounds like there may be one profile for the guild and one for the shop. But I am not a glorious employee so I can’t say for certain.

@Bearenby @Millions would you be able to help get this sorted?

Best of luck and let us know if it gets worked out for you!


thank you. I just got done double checking my account. Best I can tell, everything is under one account. I’ve logged out, cleared computer history, logged back in. I still see my two orders in my Order History with what looks like Zero points for the status tracker.

Last night I had sent an email to customer support explaining what I saw, and they wrote back and told me to look at the scale in the upper left of my Order History page. :woman_facepalming: So I added a screen shot to my reply back to them, and they didn’t respond after that lol.

Thank you @LiquidMaverick for your assistance! I’ll wait to see what @Bearenby or @Millions has to say.

Hey @Missinde - sorry to see you were having trouble with your account! We’ve noticed previously that sometimes customers logging in through Shop/Shop Pay are not correctly credited for their purchases. We’re working on a fix for this, but in the meantime I’ve updated your point total, Rank status, and given you Guild tags here on the forum, so you should be all set!

Please let me know if you notice anything else that’s not updating correctly and I’d be happy to fix it. Thanks for being an awesome supporter of Glorious!


awesome thank you so much! When I was trying to figure things out, I did delete the Shop acct that was tied to my orders. (Not like I really needed that anyhow).

I appreciate your help and look forward to being a member of this guild :smiley:

Now back to figuring out what caps to get. :smiley:

It’s a Glorious Day! :sweat_smile:


Happy it got sorted! And welcome to the party!