Glorious FlexKit Is Now Available For Everyone!

Hey Glorious Forum!

7 months ago we released the FlexKit for GMMK PRO as an exclusive item for our Glorious Guild members. After a ton of positive feedback from the community, we’ve made the decision to open the remaining inventory to everyone.

FlexKit is an all-in-one modification pack that includes everything needed to tailor the sound, feel, and FLEX of the GMMK PRO.

You can read our detailed blog post on this keyboard kit here.

To the Guild members who’ve already been using the FlexKit, many of you have shared some amazing pics, videos, tips and tricks on the original Guild thread. Would be awesome to get some of that re-shared here for the benefit of new users! (Calling on the @Guild_council to help here too)

(We’d also love to share some of your amazing builds to our socials, if you don’t want us sharing something you post here just let us know!)


I’ve really enjoyed the flex kit…the configuration that I’ve been using is the plate foam, the 1mm bottom foam, and the poron gaskets.


:heart_eyes: looks so good, thanks for sharing @jzaine7!


As you can see from the quote… I am up to 3 GMMK PRO now! :grin:

Each is built out differently and each has the Flex Kit.

On the left, we have:

  • Glorious GMMK PRO (E-white) with Flex Kit (E-White bottom)
  • Plate - Brass
  • Stabilizers - Durock V2 PCB mount
  • Foams - EPDM, with 1mm bottom foam
  • Lube - Krytox 205g0 (Switch/Stabs)
  • Encoder - Glorious E-White
  • Switches - AKKO Lavender Purples (Tactile)
  • Keycaps are XDA Profile from LWMIDOUZI

In the middle:

  • Glorious GMMK PRO (Black) with Flex Kit (Black bottom)
  • Plate - FR4
  • Stabilizers - C3 Equalz PCB mount
  • Foams - PORON, with 2mm bottom foam
  • Lube - Krytox 205g0 (Switch/Stabs)
  • Encoder - Glorious Gold
  • Switches - AKKO Starfish (Linear)
  • Keycaps are Cherry profile from LWMIDOUZI “Astronaut 2.0”
  • Artisan - Gold Tachi Meteor Crater, Cherry Profile

On the right:

  • Glorious GMMK PRO (Black) with Flex Kit (Black bottom) (Previously @Dozill’s sweetheart <3 )
  • Plate - Aluminum
  • Stabilizers - GSV2
  • Foams - G-Foam, with 2mm bottom foam
  • Lube - G-Lube (Switch/Stabs)
  • Encoder - Glorious Gold
  • Switches - DNDKB JingWei 53g Linears (Knock-off Glorious Lynx)
  • Switch Film - Glorious Switch Film (Not needed for these switches, but wanted to try them out)
  • Keycaps are Cherry profile from MechaRupublic “DOTs” Black
  • Artisan - Glorious Guild: Gilded Cap

Personally, my favorite config is hands down the flexiest too:
PORON strips, G-Lubed AKKO Lavender tactile switches, top case foam, TEMPEST mod, no bottom case foam, Polycarb plate. :drooling_face:
Make room on the trampoline!

Worth grabbing if you are not satisfied with your current GMMK PRO.


I just got my flex kit today in the mail, any recommendations on what configuration to use when putting it together? I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to the internal workings on a mechanical keyboard when it comes to gaskets/foam/etc, so I’m not sure what to start with.

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Shoutout to BoomFinger1 :roll_eyes:

My build with the gmmk pro + flex kit
glorious poly plate
V2 goat stabs
New 1mm bottom foam
new white top foam
poron gaskets

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That’s my bad! Sorry about that :no_mouth:


Just got my GMMK Pro FlexKit and installed today. Here’s my current build:

GMMK Pro White Ice
Plate - Aluminum
Stabs - GSV2
Foams - Poron with 1mm bottom foam
Switches - Emogogo Linear (lubed with 205g0)
Keycaps - CanonKeys British Racing Green
Mods - Tempest and bandaid mod

So far, I can tell that the board is a little bit softer to type on. The sound signature changed from a higher-pitched clack to a smooth marbly sound.

I think the kit is worth checking out - question to Glorious Staff - Will y’all be selling the redesigned bottom case by itself anytime soon?