Glorious D wireless not charging/working

Hi All,

I left my mouse unplugged for a day or so and it looks like the battery drained - no lights, pointer doesn’t move. I’ve connected to the PC but it doesn’t look like it’s charging and not even wired mode works. I tried factory reset but the lights still didn’t come up.

Any ideas?


Hi @itantimatters, sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue with your Model D not charging. I would recommend reaching out to the Glorious Support team for assistance. Thats going to be the fastest and most reliable way to get to the bottom of the issue.

After several hours of charging, the mouse came back to life. It seems that if you do run out of battery, even with connected via cable, it does rely on the battery to have some charge before you can use it again.

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Oh awesome, glad to hear it got a second wind after a charge. Appreciate you updating us as well.

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