Glorious core software issue with Model D pro

Hi. I recently bought a model D pro, and installed glorious core in order to be able to make it more suitable for me. It seems to work just fine in general, but when I hit ,Save" it actually does not impact the mouse at all, so I can’t change anything. I downloaded glorious core from the official website yesterday, so it’s definitely up to date. The software does detect the mouse and everything, just doesn’t make changes.
Version of the software: 1.1.35

Did the firmware update for the mouse? I just got a D2 Pro and had no issues, but I think after downloading the latest version of Core, the firmware also updated. Wish I had more helpful info, but that is all I can think of right now.

I think it might not have, it’s firmware v1.0.0.0, not sure if that’s updated or not.

unfortunately I’m at work right and will have to wait until I get home tonight to see what version of firmware mine it.

You mentioned you have the D pro, but I think maybe your’s is D 2 Pro?

Sorry to hear you’re having an issue saving profiles to your Model D PRO @jamajama. I would suggest reaching out to Glorious Support for assistance. That is going to be the fastest and most reliable way to get help resolving the issue. Any suggestions made here on the forum are going to be educated guesses, but are certainly steps worth trying.

my firmware for the D 2 Pro (4k/8k edition) is V1.0.7.0 (just installed it last week)

This is a great question. I have both the Model O Pro and Model O 2 Pro. If you grabbed the model D Pro (which could be floating around on some store shelves from the forge days) then I believe the firmware is still if it follows the same convention as the Model O pro release from forge.

But as @8-Bit_Bootcamp mentioned, we are just a shot in the dark here. Support can get you sorted quickly.

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