Glorious Core - RAM Memory Leak Issue

Is anyone else experiencing a Glorious Core software RAM Memory leak?

I have a several glorious products, I have noticed it when the GMMK Numpad is used as I normally do not keep the software open and leave it running.

For the Numpad you have to keep the software open to utilize the slider assignment for the volume. I really want to use this Numpad and the features but the software is just such a big issue I cannot leave it open and utilize it.

Anyone else having these issues on here? I know a friend of mine has the same exact issue and his numpad is now a glorious paperweight because of the Core software and his ram memory leak issue. If this is not addressed I will have the same. I want Core to work well but with its current issues I find it a difficult program to use or recommend.

My recent example of just 60 minutes of it being open and when I do a longer sessions its even worse. It increases at a rate of ~100mb+ per every 60 minutes and it never stops. I close the app because it gets out of control.

I started the program, it was using:
195mb memory - Start
219mb memory - 10 minutes
240mb memory - 20 minutes
252mb memory - 30 minutes
272mb memory - 40 minutes
284mb memory - 50 minutes
298mb memory - 60 minutes


Dang, I have not noticed this issue myself… I would absolutely take this to customer support and see what they say


I did this today via chat, they are escalating it to the development team.


Oh good deal, hope they get it all worked out for you


Hey, I’ve been having this issues for months myself. Just googled it. Mine eats up all of my available RAM – 16gb+ – til I unplug my numpad and plug it back in. It’s been happening since I got my numpad and was never an issue with either of my keyboard or my mouse.