Glorious Core - Model O- wireless mouse update


Today I started my core application (it’s been a while) and I got a pop up that an update is available for my wireless mouse.

I clicked install and it asked me to be sure it was plugged in. It was so I thought it was okay


So it is stuck on 150% for a while now and the text below says:
do not plug your wireless mouse AND receiver or restart the app

So the tricky part is: the receiver was not plugged and it is still not plugged in since i have only one cable (and I didn’t plugged in as usb ofc)

What now? :slight_smile:

Update: I restarted the app. pop up is gone

Thanks in advance! Best regards,

I see your update, but for what it’s worth: I had to plug both the mouse and the receiver in last time to properly update the firmware.


Thanks mate, yeah next time I’ll do it like that. Tbh I was reading: be sure to plug in the mouse and i was like: Im good :slight_smile: