Glorious Core Bug - Polling Rate resets

Heyo, I don’t really know where else to report this bug, but anyways. I’ve been noticing that my polling rate will reset to the default polling rate (1000hz) when I unplug my mouse and use the wireless dongle on my Model O (Wireless).
Although, it seems to keep my set polling rate (250hz) when I go from wireless to wired.

I usually put my polling rate to 250-500hz since some games will start stuttering when I move the mouse at 1000hz.

Howdy @EsserLamp, welcome to the Guild!

Polling rate isn’t something I would assume to cause problems in games, at least not with modern computers, so are you sure that’s what it is? Regardless, I’m not sure why it would switch back to 1000Hz when going from wireless to wired or vice-versa. Perhaps someone like @Millions can provide some insight.

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Hey there, sorry for the delay in response, I was trying to find you a more helpful answer than just directing you to support.

Just to confirm, do you have the wireless receiver plugged in when you are saving your settings? If you’re using the same USB port for wired and wireless use, this may be causing the issue as it would mean the wireless receiver is not plugged while settings are being saved.

I’ve tried saving while wireless and wired, on the same usb port, using the usb c to a adapter for the wireless dongle. I can experiment around a little more if needed.

Gotcha. Last suggestion is to try a clean install of CORE, because maybe it is not saving the settings correctly. If the steps below don’t help, reach out to support and they’ll help you out.

Firstly, please try uninstalling Glorious CORE using the exact steps provided below.

  • Uninstall CORE, check the box “to remove the existing configuration files”.
  • After uninstalling CORE, manually navigate to the following locations on your PC and see if you can locate and manually delete both folders:
  1. C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\Glorious Core
  2. C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\Glorious Core

If you do not see these folders, no worries! It means they are already removed so it’s safe to skip this step.

  • Turn off your PC for 7-10 seconds.

  • Turn on your PC, then download and install the CORE from our official page here .

  • Before opening CORE, perform a device reset with both the mouse and dongle connected to your PC

  • The MOW and MO-W can be restored to factory settings by pressing and holding the left, right, and scroll click buttons for 5 seconds. The LEDs will flash green to indicate that the settings are being reset.

  • Run CORE, but do NOT run it as an administrator.