Glorious Core 2.0 Why?

I downloaded Glorious Core 2.0 and installed it (After saving my profiles locally). I have changed my GMMK Pro’s keybinds around to suit my preferences.

However, WHY would you bother telling people to save their profiles when you don’t actually support IMPORTING those profiles with Core 2.0? This is incredibly frustrating, which becomes much worse when there is seemingly no way (At least intuitively) to manually set keys inside of 2.0 for my keyboard.

Why wouldn’t you at least put a big disclaimer on the page telling people the functionality isn’t there yet?

I am beyond annoyed by this. Huge miss on Glorious in my eyes here.

Wondering if this is something getting pushed by the new Hedge Fund owners.


this release was a complete dumpster fire. Its like they did zero internal testing before release.