Global Shipping?

Im planning to buy a gmmk pro and a model o directly shipped to me but im not sure if it ships globally. Does glorious ship to malaysia (specifically KL/Selangor)

Hey @Quincy, they do ship internationally but on their website they have a list of countries they do not ship to and Malaysia is one of those countries unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:…I know nothing about Malaysia but Amazon has mostly everything they sell as well as stores like Microcenter and Best Buy, sorry if these aren’t stores available in your country my international knowledge is not good :sweat_smile:.


Ebay would be an ok bet too. Bound to find someone in Malaysia or who can ship internationally

Ah, probably going to buy from a distributor then. Have any idea if they will ship to Malaysia anytime soon though?

@Bearenby, can you shed any light on any of this?

We don’t have plans to expand our international shipping from our web store (at the moment).

We are opening up to more distributers in the APAC region, though! You should start to see Glorious products on store shelves starting in 2024.