Gaming Mice (What's your main?)

Currently maining a superlight while I replace mouse switches for it.

I have a separate one for gaming and productivity, yes.

I recommend you to tackle the problem and stop buying new mice, but instead replace the mouse switches in the mice instead.

currently a simple logitech…soon better will come

I use a FinalMouse Tenz. I cannot recommend it. While it is super light and feels good in the hand… the mouse clicks are not as tight and precise as I would think such a premium product would have. It doesn’t capture every mouse click and sometimes it will release a down press even though the button is firmly kept depressed. Very strange.

That’s strange, so far I haven’t had any problems with either of mine :crossed_fingers:t2:

I’ve heard that they have quality control issues that prevent a consistently quality product.

I was maining an Xlite V2 Wireless for a while but then my Series One Pro arrived and I’ve been using that for about a week straight now. The SOP is awesome - I’d love to see it go in-stock on the site because it’s basically a Razer Viper Mini but wireless and with better software lol.

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I swap between Gpx super light and the Lamzu Mini for Fps. Model I for mmos. Work wife and I use Model O’s.


I’m rocking the Lamzu Mini (black) right now, myself as my main. My other alternative is the Finalmouse. My son is consistent and still rocking the Model O wired OG.


The exact same for me right now! My mini is the white one tho :wink:

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I’m happy to report that my Series One Pro continues to perform well! Definitely going to grab another one if there is a second run so that I can use it at work


Wired Model D for work and gaming

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Model O but kinda wanna try Viper ultimate

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I switch between Finalmouse Tenz medium and Glorious Forge Series One Pro Centauri which I prefer more where the mouse has been performing really great.

If it is sub 57 grams; I am in. So current main is not one but…
Pulsar X2 Mini - Boardzy Edition 57g
Glorious Series One Pro Centauri 53g
Lamzu Atlantis Mini 51g
Finalmouse Tenz/TLL 44/45g
G_Wolves HTX 4K 41g
What is that 5? Current main are these. :grin:


How do you like the htx 4k?

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We are pretty much a like, except I don’t have the G_Wolves HTX 4K 41g. The other four I do go back on forth with.

I went with better Pulsar X2 mini model the RandomFrankP ( :rofl: ), as Boardzy didn’t get any Linus love (even though I had way before that video).

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So I had a small hiccup with GW’s QC (I say small because I had what I needed to fix it but for the price I let them know on Twitter. Absolutely not okay!).

The problem: They did not put the 3 screws in for the daughterboard PCB that has the micro switches for the side buttons and also the DPI button.

L and R are crispy. I believe that none of my other mice have the Zippy 60 mils and I still don’t have good defining words for these other than I like them - a lot! The 4K on a 360hz monitor feels absurd and makes my brain hurt a bit trying to relearn everything.
Here are T & B with inside and out so you can see the 3 screws that were not put in the mouse.

Am I happy with it (after the panic of the rattling and the operation that followed) Yep. But is it worth this price tag? Nope.
$159.99 is highly generous and makes way more sense given the materials. It feels solid but has flex where you’d expect it to because of materials as well.

Every single skate in the box/on the mouse is already in the trashcan if I am being honest with you too.

The device is noted at 39g and is 41g on the scale and that +2g versus starlight at 44g for $189.99 makes it a tough pill but the 4K is notable enough where I am hooked.

Thanks for the questions and ya time :wink:

edit I do want to say, past those three screws (again, unacceptable) this mouse is really flawless. Like they are screws but I cannot see a flaw in the actual build of the mouse and that is saying something. I get about a day and a half battery life with work (work from home) and light/medium gaming with 4K on the whole time. Most current firmware/software for it.

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Ya I’ve only ever used 1 g wolves mouse I think it was the hati s but I absolutely loved it…I see the ruby red color way of the htx 4k and I’m trying to hold back. Waiting for the ULX but I don’t know how much longer I can wait.

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They linked that one the day after I ordered this one so I will be picking up a Ruby Red as well. They look too lovely! I am excited about ULX but I think that is in June. :grimacing:

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So after almost 3 years the sensor on my death adder V2 pro is starting to act A little strange.

Does anyone have a good suggestion for a similar claw grip wireless mouse?
Yes I know the model D but I would prefer my mouse did not have holes in it.