Gaming achievements, trophies, and accomplishments show off

During a conversation with a friend recently, I became painstakingly aware of something. I am not a normal person, I’m a completionist. I love doing ever side quest, maxing every job, finding every secret. If I am invested in a game, I will do my best to accomplish 100% of what that game has to offer. So much so, that I will waste hours trying to achieve just a single thing.

This whole conversation revolved around me 100% finishing the recently released game DREDGE. Was it necessary? absolutely not. Did I enjoy it? every minute of it.

So that’s why I want to know, what is your biggest gaming accomplishment? The thing that almost seemed unreal when you finally achieved it.

For myself, it was the day I finally managed to 100% Titanfall 2. I had been stuck on the “Becomes the Master” achievement for literally years. The achievement is tied to a timed obstacle course run, which I was awful at.


gonna try to 100% this game but already have at least half of it done

progression is pretty steady though I highly recommend getting sifu now its on steam way more content now than it’s original release. was my game of the year last year


Titanfall 2 is such a good game, I still play it. I’m a big Tone player.

Not much of an achievement chaser, but I’ve been thinking about going platinum for the Spider-Man and God of War games on PS5. Just got it a couple of weeks ago and it’s my first PlayStation after being a lifetime Xbox or PC player and I’m enjoying it a lot. I also want to grab all achievements for RDR2 on Steam.

I haven’t played any of the God of Wars, but I’ve watched a buddy of mine run through a few of them. The story was really good from the bit I saw.

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I’m still playing through the 2018 game and haven’t finished it yet, but the story is amazing. Gameplay, audio/music, visuals, everything about the game is really well done.