G Lube Toxic? I've Got a Dumb Dog

Hey, so I am hoping that someone here knows the answer to if G Lube is toxic. I was lubing swiches, walked away for at most 30 seconds. Which apparently enough time for my doofus to lick a little tub clean. Well almost. He left probably just enough to lube one switch.

I just need to know if its toxic or not for the future. I’ve looked on the site and forum for the answer and don’t see anything say one way or another. We’re at the vet trying to see if we need get him to expel it or just let him pass it.

Below is the dog tax in case anyone wants it. (He’s an all liver German Shorthair Pointer, and 100% dumb ass.)

Edit: I heard back from support. For those curious, this is what they said:

Thanks for reaching out.

We have no known toxic effect.

Should you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us!

As of right my lovable idiot is fine. Does not appear sick. Vet has said to just monitor him for the rest of the night and to come back if things change.

Oh my! :astonished: I am glad to read that you are at the vet! I honestly don’t know but I am hoping for not for you and the puppers! Hoping that everything is a-okay! :pray:
@glorious_staff anyone got any insight?

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From what I’ve read it looks like krytox is non toxic, I’m not a lube expert but I would think g lube would be somewhat similar. Not sure about with pets tho…hope everything goes well :pray: