G-Lube and Accessories in stock

Is G-Lube in stock? I ordered a handful of parts last week, and most have shipped except the lube related parts. There was nothing on the site that would suggest it was out of stock when I checked out, and I can’t get in contact with anyone at support, so wondering if maybe it was just out of stock and need to look for different lube?

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Their hours are:

  • Email support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Live chat support available 8AM-6PM CST (Mon - Fri).

Depending on what time you reached out, they just may have been getting into work. I would try the live chat on the website now, to see what they say. I checked the site and it doesn’t appear to be noted as out of stock either, but they (Glorious) would have to confirm.

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Yeah I have been trying live chat repeatedly but no answer. Guess I just wait.

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I start a chat now to see if I get any feedback, if you haven’t.

I’m not sure if @br33zy might be able to provide any feedback since he was able to provide an update on the Model O 2, etc.

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Feedback from customer service is below,

Could it be something else in “lube related parts” maybe?


Thanks for your help. They finally got back and sent me shipping information. It must have gotten lost somewhere, and still shows it isnt shipped on the website. Think its all resolved now though