Forum Issues - Preferences?


Is anyone else having issues seeing or getting into their preferences? When I click on mine it is blank, and I can’t update anything.


Hmm, mine seems to be working fine.

Yes, with console errors referring to Ember.

Yours versus mine so I’m not sure what is going on with the profiles then. SentientTD’s looks like mine when I click on his too.



I’m having the same issue:


This is all that shows for me. Odd.

Same here and it has been this way for a month or two for me. I think I recall Millions saying something about changes coming for the point system/loyalty points. Assuming it maybe has something to do with that?
Makes it tough to get to anything on the forums though.

So, here is what is weirder:

If I click into @jzaine7’s profile (which loads) I can then load into mine; but, if I navigate away and then try, I get the failed to load anything issue.

Same here. There is some type of bug that seems to be effective some and not others.

I was able to update my profile picture that I wanted to based on this method.

@Bearenby @Millions Wanted to loop you two in on this in case you were unaware.

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@LiquidMaverick Thank you for tagging me, totally did not realize this was happening! This shouldn’t be related to the updates to the Guild program so I’ll get our Devs to take a look. Sorry for the disruption y’all!


Seems like everything is loading for me now.

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Same for me!!

@Millions thanks for looking into this with the Devs, as it seems to be working now.


@SentientTD @tecmo34 so glad to hear! Looks like a few plugins we had here just needed to be updated. Glad it was simple to turn around - sorry @BoomerFingers that you were experiencing this for a month :sweat: let me know if your profile is working better now too.


It’s okay - I just thought it was a part of the update and let it be. :sweat_smile: It is working now! :clap: Thank you for checking into this for us! It’s good to see your profiles again! :smiling_face: Thanks, @Millions/Devs! :orange_heart: