Firmware update failed.

It’s been 2 weeks since I bought my wireless model D but whenever I want to update it through glorious core, it downloads the update, but when it comes to installation it gets stuck at 50% for maybe 1-2 mins then I receive an error popup that indicates that my mouse is disconnected or dongle is although both are connected to my pc, mouse connected with its wire and dongle connected directly via usb port. Any way to sort it out? Or is my mouse just broken?

Hey @Estinien! Sorry your having this issue I’ve never had a problem like that so I can’t tell you what’s wrong but I would contact Glorious support . I’m sure if anyone else has had the same problem they’ll drop a message on how they got it resolved but definitely talk to support they’re amazing!

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Yeah, I second the above about reaching out to support. It sounds like you have already tried the normal suggestion I would have given about making sure both the mouse and dongle were plugged into the PC (meaning neither were wireless at the time). Did you make sure the wireless on the mouse was turned off as well? Not sure if that would matter, but could be something to try if you haven’t.

Hello again and thank you both for your suggestiosn!
For some reason it updated succesfully on its own after a few trials