Final Fantasy

Just wondering if there are any FF fans in the house. The first FF I played was FFVII. It had a huge western release on the Original PlayStation back in the day. I can still remember the tv ads and all the hype. It’s the reason I bought a PlayStation. Absolutely love that game to death, played it thru many times.

After that I was hooked. I got into FF VIII after that. I also enjoyed it but not as much as FFFVII. It’s still a game I like to replay now and again though, on the pc though.

I played IX, but for some reason I never really got into it. After that came FFX. Loved the hell out of that. Even more playing thru again on the steam remastered version.

After that I bought various other FF games to keep up my collection. But I fell in love with FFXI and have been playing it off and on ever since. I did try FFXIV, and played from the first beta thru to 2.0 but I couldn’t make myself like it. Have been going back to FFXI on and off to this very day.

Still have some FF I haven’t played in my backlog. I’ll get around to it.

Anyway just wondering if there were any other FF fans here.


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I want to say I love Final Fantasy but the only one I truly played “through” (up to current content) is FF14 ^^’

Currently going through FFVI and it’s kinda funky seeing all those characters I’ve met in side stories and similar in FF14 :smiley:


It’s all good Alice! 14 changed so much from beta thru to present day. It got so much better. I think my problem was that I was always expecting it to be FFXI 2.0, which it wasn’t. I guess that’s why I hung around so long.

I have played and finished every single current (single player) final fantasy game except for FFII.
This includes sequels (FFX-2, FFXIII-2 and 3) Spinoffs (FF7: Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, FFXII Revenent Wings, etc.) and partial and full remakes. (FF3 DS, FFVII Remake, some of the FFI-VI Pixel Remasters, FFXII Zodiac Edition…)
I’ve also been listening to the soundtrack, official remixes of the soundtracks, unofficial remixes of the soundtracks, been to orchestral concerts of the soundtracks, etc. forever.

Bit of a fan, I suppose.

I played a tiny bit of FFXI and have never touched FFXIV because I learned a long time ago that MMOs with monthly fees aren’t my thing and that’s not gonna change. Damn they have good music though.

I’m honestly just a huge JRPG fan in general. I’ve played almost every major (and a bunch of not-major) JRPG release since the SNES days. Only recently fell behind in the past 4 or 5 years.

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Cool! Seems you’ve played a lot lol! I definitely agree that the online versions have great music. I have the soundtracks for FFXI and absolutely love it.

Have you played FF World?
I quite liked it, once it got going.

I have a lot of the titles but haven’t played anything after XIV.

I’d also like to play the remake, but I’m waiting for the epic exclusivity to end. When it comes to steam I’ll pick it up.

I’ve played some of World of Final Fantasy Maxima, got about 10 hours in but never really did more than that.

I picked up the FF7 remake on PS5 because, well, i got a PS5. It’s awesome and I suspect Part 2 will be happening pretty soon. I’ve heard that the PC version was rather lacking in many ways, which is a shame.

One of my favorite spinoffs is Theatrythm, especially Theatrhythm Curtain Call, but its pretty much exclusively on 3DS right now.

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I’d like to play the remake on ps5, but I haven’t owned a ps since ps2.

I love Final Fantasy but ashamed to say I’ve never finished a game :sweat_smile: I’m very nostalgic for VII and VIII from way back in the day and I was also a big fan of XIII and XV. But yeah, never finished any of them lol. I do plan on playing thru FFVII this year before making my way thru the remake on PS5 (even though I know it’s not the full story of the original game).