Epos h6pro vs Coolermaster mh751

Hello everyone, little of all weird comparison here.

I already have a pair of Sennheiser 58x that I really like but i would like a pair of closed backs on hand with a detachable mic, for travel etec and for aome games where a closed back would be helpful.

I’ve seen alot of good things about the Coolermaster mh751/752 (based on taskstar 82 i believe?) but I am also very interested in the Epos H6pro closed backs (like new openbox h6pros are $100 on Amazon so roughly close in price after that).

I am having a hard time deciding between the Cooler master 751s and the epos h6pros…does anyone have experience with both?

From a build quality standpoint specially if you plan to take it outside the h6pro is definitely the move. In terms of sound quality ngl it’s pretty similar. Sennheiser epos’s old parent company Sennheiser has never really been that great at closed backs so it kinda tracks in terms of comfort the mh751 is better but the epos itself is pretty damn comfy

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The Epos are going to sound like garbage compared to the 58x. Easily one of the worst headphones I’ve ever owned. Not surprisingly, I returned them the next day. The Steelseries headsets are a much, much better deal overall.

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I’ve also seen the berdynamic MMX 100 but I heard they’re extremely uncomfortable.

Honestly just get a headphone. Taking headsets outside kinda look bad ngl

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