Enjoy the long weekend

As we all enjoy this holiday weekend, wether we’re gaming, building keebs, hanging with family, or all the above, stay safe, and take a minute to rember those who sacrificed.

Always be Glorious!


Y’all get to enjoy holiday weekends without working extra hours? :wink:
Sounds Nice!

Enjoy your weekend and make sure to tip your bartenders!


Be safe and have fun everyone! Also, come back and post for pics if you’re grilling it up this weekend.


I’ll start it off…this was my first ever attempt at making lollipop chicken…baked them in the oven today and tomorrow gonna hit them up with some buffalo sauce and warm em up on the grill for a cookout…not someone who is good at cooking so dont judge me too hard :joy:


Looks solid. No Judgement. I think I’ll be doing ribs tomorrow. Grillin and Chillin!

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Those things look so fancy when they are plated up.

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My father in law and I are doing a lot of different brats/ sausages in the smoker and putting our feet up. He’s also making his famous cheesy potato casserole, and I’m going to try making some smoked mac and cheese.


Looks good man. The first time I saw someone make these, I was like “I have to try that”. Still haven’t though…lol. Those served with a variety of dipping sauces would be fire.


The season of 3+ day weekends has begun, and I’ve been ready for it lol. This was a relaxing, lazy, and rainy weekend filled with gaming, tasty food, and last night’s AEW PPV.

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