Elements Ice Mousepad Maintenance

Just picked up an Ice mousepad in the latest sale. Overall, I like it. There’s just a couple areas where the cardboard it was shipped in left a couple inches of corrugation texture imprinted into the surface of the mat. Is there a way to smooth the surface to remove small divots or texture that occurred in shipping?

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I’m not sure; since I use others and have my ice sealed. I’d try with a wet micro fiber rag and Do the mr miyagi clean in circles… gently and not hard, see if that helps. Maybe warm water. DO NOT soak the mouse pad!

Disclaimer cleaning it wrong can damage the mouse pad; so plz do at your own risk :frowning: .

Best of luck

Not a bad idea. Perhaps I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.

Same thing happened on mine. Let me know what you find out. Currently it hasn’t had any impact on performance (that I can tell anyway). I am going to let it ride unless it starts to be an issue.

@ChrisG0x20 @LiquidMaverick if the texture does become an issue please let me know and I’ll reach out to support to see if they have any technique for fixing this!


Just wondering, What’s the difference between the elements mouse pads? I’m too dumb to tell the difference, for me, a mousepad is a mousepad, and they all look the same.

I didn’t know until I ordered one. Mine is a more firm surface with glass interwoven into it. Previous mousepads I’ve had are straight cloth. More surface resistance. If you check out the store it details these much more succinctly than I can.


Had my best night of Apex in a while last night. Don’t think the mouse pad is giving me any trouble :smile: