Elements Air mousepad

So I purchased the Air mousepad for my kid along with some other goodies. This shipment came in a plastic shipping bag… so mousepad packaging looks really bad (bent and pressure damage) Should I be concerned about damage to the pad? (Bent or cracked?) I didn’t want to open it before asking here.

Thank you!

Oh ouch, thats very unfortunate. If it was any of the cloth pads, I know it wouldnt affect the performance, but the Air or Ice pads… thats a tough one. I would highly recommend contacting Glorious support and letting them know what happened.


Thanks, I was hoping that someone in support would see this here… i guess i will hit them up.

I’d also add you’re probably fine to open it and check it out, just make sure you don’t delete these photos of your product arriving bent in case you need to ask for a replacement later.


Thanks @Millions … i opened it up, happy to say no creases or damage to the pad :slight_smile: the kiddo is gonna have a good laugh when he opens his gift to see the packaging all jacked up! LOL good thing he has a good sense of humor!


Oh man, well I’m sorry the packaging looks crazy but glad the pad is okay!