Does anyone else feel like this about the GMMK keycaps? (Pre-Built)

So the GMMK compact in black has front etched legends that have all of the functions the the FN key has mapped. Totally poggers! I took a peek at it online then bought it on Black Friday, no questions asked. Well I returned it to MicroCenter today after finding out the period button didn’t work and, hadn’t really thought about it because I had an Ice White one on the way.

It turns out the white GMMK doesn’t have the functions printed on the front of the keys.

This has really rained on my parade hard, as, I particularly enjoyed the print on the keycaps, possibly more than anything else on the keyboard.

I also looked and, none of the keycap sets have the fuctions printed or etched on the front of the keys. Am I the only one that feels like this. It really feels like buying a car with no tires on it. What am I supposed to do here?