Daily questions thread?

As the title says, is there a daily questions thread where we can post simple questions, instead of opening a new thread?

Anyway, my question.

If we buy some Glorious products from a licensed Glorious retailer but not the online store, do those purchases still earn guild points?

I recently purchased a GMMK Pro, polycarbonate plate ect through the online store. It is available here locally through a licensed retailer, but I wanted one straight from Glorious. As it’s the only place to get the new stabs, and I heard that there were some revisions/improvements to later batches. I live in Japan and the shipping is a bit part of the cost.

So just wondering if I want any small things going forward, and they’re in store here, do they count towards guild points.


I don’t think we have a megathread for questions but that is a good idea!

In regards to your question, that is something one of the staff would have to answer. I yield this to you @Millions

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Heya, we’re currently working on a way that will allow everyone to add their Glorious products to the “Guild Counter” without too much hassle! If you’re currently looking to do so, I think contacting Customer Support would be the cleanest way ^^

For the other question, I personally think a megathread in a forum would be very messy to handle and keep track of, and would decrease the number of people helping/answering questions aswell as making it super hard to figure out if a question has been answered yet in the first place! Having them seperated to the Product Questions - Glorious Forum category works best so far. We can create additional categories later on, if questions become too specialized and frequent enough that they don’t fit in the Product Questions tab anymore c:

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Hi @Alice thanks for answering my question about points, that’s pretty cool. I don’t have anything I wanted to add yet, but there are other items I want lol. I’ll wait around till you guys have your system all sorted.

As for the question thread, idm it either way. I just feel guilty sometimes if I have to open up a new thread for every question I may have. I don’t wanna feel like I’m cluttering up the place. I have no idea about the messiness of maintaining such a thing, but I’ll take your word for it lol. I was just curious!

Thank you for your time!

Just got off work, time for a beer!

For what it’s worth, I’m only in here because I filled out an online form that Glorious tweeted out about a month ago and submitted screenshots of all of my receipts for everything. I’ve literally never bought anything direct from Glorious because I can drive 20 minutes to MicroCenter instead of paying for shipping.

My points don’t show up on my store profile, but I do have a message on here from Millions telling me I have 19 points, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

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I still haven’t gotten any points from my Amazon purchases either. I have 11 points from stuff I bought direct but I also got several things from their Amazon store before I found this site.