Customize my old GMMK mini

I bougth recently a new GMMK 2, i was thinking on sell my old GMMK mini, but now i wanna try some new things on it, maybe lube my old Kailh purpple switches, change the Stabilizers, add some foam… but the truth is i don’t know where to start, im from Ecuador, so is hard for me to get all the parts, so i wanna make every penny count.

i wanna get the best of it, and to have a fun experiencie doing it.

Any suggestions?


If you’re new to lubing switches and tuning stabilizers this is definitely a great place to start. You’ll need some G lube, a small brush, some clippers, your favorite music and some patience. Oh, and a switch opener.

Here’s a playlist that might help. There’s some tutorials on the processes, and what you’ll need


Thank you very much!!! awesome playlist for the work i wanna do!

I already bought this for the work:

Some lube, and new stabilizers, it will be here in may 16, i will share my creation in the forum

Thank you again!