Corsair to acquire Drop

If you haven’t seen the announcement, Corsair is set to acquire Drop’s Assets. I’m not sure what the will all intel but does seem like Corsair is getting more into the custom keyboard arena, among other things that Drop did.

  • This is great for the world of custom keyboards.
  • This will hurt the world of customer keyboards.
  • Drop , Who? Is that something Glorious makes?
  • In different on the topic.
  • Other thoughts sign off below
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Kinda sad I was hoping Drop would get back into their EDC stuff. They had some slick-looking knives. Also besides PSU corsair is really only ok. It’s great for uniformity but there is better stuff out there. Hopefully, they can make some neat stuff happen with their budget like more collaborations and group buys.


hopefully we will see the drop collabs drop in price then… its ridiculous what they charge for abs caps, even if they are super cool.


This will probably ultimately hurt the keyboard community as Drop is a great place to get “invested” in it for the first time - who knows what Corsair will do with that, especially since they do weird things like odd-sized spacebars. What will happen to geekhack too? One of the most important sites for keyboarding. Some people found Drop, others found Glorious, etc. (I actually found Drop before Glorious). So if Corsair screws it up, we’ll have less people trying to join the hardcore version of the hobby probably.

Then again, in a hint of irony, it was Corsair that got me into this hobby in the first place! lol.

In terms of pricing, I agree, but once you realize that Drop is more of a sale shop it makes more sense. For example, they very often have BOGO sales on their MT3 caps. Whether or not you like the profile, I do think $60 is more than reasonable for an MT3 base kit. Now, if you want to get extras on top of it…


If they keep to the same strategy they did with Elgato and Origin, they will mostly let them run as they were just with Corsair throwing their branding on things.

I would hope they would know changing anything there could drive people away, but I can see them cutting out some portions of the site and streamlining what Drop offers.

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Corsair boards are trash, So this will go either one of two ways. The Corsair boards will actually become not trash or the drop boards will become more trash.


This is the fence I’m sitting on too. The optimist in me really hopes that Corsair will bolster their brand’s board quality. It could rope in some of the people the PC world who have yet to venture down the Mech Key path. They could also do what what @SentientTD mentioned, or they could tank it all. I would like to believe they will go with one of the first two options. Time will tell on this one.


And we haven’t mentioned the audio portion of tbis as well. Thats could follow the same path