Core not recognizing GMMK 2

Great keyboard, I just converted to Kailh brown switches. Only rolled one of the switch pins when installing them. :slight_smile: I will say that it seemed more difficult to remove the switches than I expected. I was waiting for one to break off. I did order the nicer switch removal tool, I’ll see if that helps.

My current issue:

When I install Core and start it for the first time it recognized my GMMK 2 and I am able to do everything. After restarting the computer, Core starts up and has the “ConnectDsc” screen (with the keyboard plugged in and working). Even if I unplug the keyboard and plug it back in (getting the Windows “ding” each time), Core does not change.
If I uninstall and reinstall Core it will recognize the keyboard.
Luckily I don’t plan on doing much frequent changes to the lighting so I will just do the uninstall/reinstall thing if I need to.
Just wanted someone to know.



You should contact support, if you haven’t already.