COMPLETED - GPBT Pink Grapefruit Keycaps

Friendly reminder, our Pink Grapefruit Keycap Group Buy closes tomorrow, 5/27, at 5PM CT.


Pink Grapefruit passed the Interest Check and has moved to Group Buy!

$59.99 for the 143 key set, which includes Mac F-Row and modifiers support!
Join the Group Buy before it ends 5/27 @ 11am CT!

GPBT Sunset Gradient Lifestyle 01_small

The newest Interest Check product is live on Glorious Forge - GPBT Pink Grapefruit Keycaps!

We landed on this colorway thanks to some incredibly helpful feedback from our @guild_council members!

If you’re unfamiliar with Interest Checks, they are essentially our way of determining if this is a product you all would really like to see produced. By clicking the “SHOW YOUR INTEREST” button on that page and inputting your email address, you are casting a vote for this product to be produced! Learn more about the Interest Check / Group Buy process here.

We hope you love this first IC product, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback in the replies!


<3 great color!


Ayyyyyy called it back when forge was released!


I don’t mind the colour way but I feel it’s a bit too specific. It’s hard to find yellow and pink peripherals.

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I like the colorway, but what I would say that I like the most would be the gradient and how smooth it is.


Kitting isn’t too bad but I’m a little ??? on some of it.

  • Assuming the R2 1.5u Backspace is for HHKB-style layouts, then an R1 1u Backslash key and an extra R1 Tilde key in pink is needed (since HHKB layouts have Tilde on the right, the normal one in yellow would cause inconsistencies with the gradient.)

  • A R1 End key would be nice, since I think Home/End/PgUp/PgDn is a more common arrangement for the nav cluster on 96% boards. Adds better support for non-exploded 96% (GK96/Keychron K4 etc.) layouts too.

  • Though I get that the product page specifically says ANSI, I really recommend physical ISO support if this is a limited product. The generic 4 key version (ISO enter, R4 >< key, R3 1u backslash, 1.25u left shift) works well enough IMO, though ISO-UK is also common in group buy kitting.

Full Mac support is a little unexpected considering Glorious is a gaming brand (and since enthusiasts have put up w/o it for years), but it’s kinda cool.

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Excited to put this on a yellow Ducky one 3. But Id agree it’s pretty specific, but that’s really what keycaps are, specific color ways for a specific group. I think these will see great appeal, as they’re not a common colorway


I’m still not a big fan of the enter key being “ascend”, I would like to see a regular “enter” key included in the future


Pretty sure they include the traditional keys as well. At least in previous iterations, you got the novelties and the standard keys.

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I love the colors but I wish the yellow part of the gradient was bigger. Maybe we can get a Grapefruit coiled cable to go with the keycaps?


Came out really good


I have the gpbt Ocean and they don’t include a enter key with just “return/enter”. I think the ascend makes the keycap too gamer-y. It doesn’t seem like Glorious deems the wording as a novelty keycap.


Right on. I agree, there should be standard caps also. I just got a Ducky one 3, and there’s 7-8 extra caps. But there’s also a complete set of standard caps.


Yeah having another regular enter word key shouldn’t be too much and would attract people who may like the colorway but not like the ascend/gamery legends.


@guild_members heads up! This set just passed the Interest Check and moved to Group Buy!

You can pick it up for $59.99 here.


This is a beautiful set, might pick one up for a future build.


Why no see-through lettering for RGB goodness?


Gradient sets just dont look good…these are a yikes.

Not my thing but I think it’s cool that they exist.