Clickitz™ by Glorious

I didn’t see anyone else post this here yet so I thought I would. Glorious just announced these here. I would love to hear everyone else’s thoughts on these! Personally, I think it’s an interesting idea and they look very high quality, and I am excited to see what other designs they make. I believe it would be very cool if they got some cool video game branded ones so also feel free to comment what games you would want them to make these for! :smiley:



April Fools??? :man_shrugging: :rofl:


Thank you for sharing @JrEtwon!
I agree, seeing some branded gaming type things woud be cool! It’s a fun idea. Would be worth it if the mouse wasn’t already around 70 grams imo.
Maybe on a wired O2 :thinking: Wonder if they are backwards compatiable with the hex shaped OGs. :thinking: Even other brands with holes?
Still would not want to use these on a main mouse - I could see using these on ones in my collection. Again, this is based on if they work with the hex/OG or not…

Also, I see the :t_rex: one. It makes me happy that “:chicken:” will be represented in the Glorious lineup soon! :rofl::+1:


I was wondering the same thing about them being compatible with the OG/Hex Shaped Mice as well but these things look really cool and are a cool idea for sure


Is it here yet?