Chroma Key Mousepad Now Available!

Glorious - Chroma Key Mousepad 1 - 1920x1080

Our new Chroma Key Mousepad is now available on our site!

Show off your mouse movements without covering your live gameplay using the Chroma Key Mousepad. Perfect for streaming through OBS, Twitch Studio, and other applications.

More info on the Chroma Key Mousepad can be found on our blog post :green_heart:


Also don’t know that I made an official post for this, but friendly reminder we’ve also got the Sound Dampening Keyboard Mat available now as well!


This mat is sized to perfectly fit your GMMK PRO but also works with GMMK 2 65% and other compact-sized keyboards.


So how does the mousepad work?

I think its like a green screen version of a mousepad

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Oh ok!

The Sound Dampening Keyboard Mat Looks sick I cant wait for a couple more products to come along so I can get all of them with free shipping!