Caps lock side lights color change question

hi I want all RGB off on this keyboard but I also want a way to change the color on the side lights independently specifically when its blinking as when you set it to LED off but also click the option to have the side lights flash when it caps locked it defaults to red flashing lights and I want to set it to another colour. but no matter what I try it doesnt work. the closest thing I got was having the colour set to one color turning off all the lights except the side lights but I don’t want the side lights on all the time

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I was able to shut off the RBG lighting on the Keys and keep the LED lighting on the side lite up by first turning the RGB off and then going to the Per Key setting and only setting the side light to the color I want. I don’t have it on the setting that Blinks when the Cap Lock is on, so I am not sure if that works as well but I do have all the RGB lighting on the Keys off and only the RGB lighting on the side of my GMMK2

Edit: I apparently skipped a few lines in your post LOL. Sorry my post is not helpful at all and exactly what you did already