Can the Model O 2 Doubleclick?

Hi. I recently ordered the Model O 2, mainly because I have been using the Model O a LOT for Minecraft Pvp, especially 1.8 Pvp. The question I am asking here is not about Debounce Time, it’s about a feature that the model o had, that allowed me to butterfly click about 20 CPS. I am just wondering if the Model O 2 is able to double click, as there are not a lot of sources for information, and Youtube has mixed reviews. Thanks!

I am also a big fan of MC 1.8 pvp and also use the model o, and from what I have heard from those who own the model O2 is that it can double click, just not as well as the original model o. The reason the model o is considered one of the best MC PvP mice is because butterfly clicking 20cps was almost unheard of, and only a couple of other mice have rivaled it. Not very many people bought the O2 for Minecraft so that is probably what you can’t find much info, and if it isn’t satisfactory Glorious’ costumer support is amazing and you could probably work something out with them.

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