Can i sync glorious model o wired rgb

just bought model o wired and im having trouble syncing it with signal rgb it wont show up any suggestions?

What software are you using? The Model O wired does not use Core, it uses the older program to control RGB, etc.

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im using the default model o software from the downloads page but it still wont show up on signal rgb it says no plugin

Signal only works with wireless Models O and D you can check supported devices here

2023-02-16 11_46_06-Supported Devices _ SignalRGB ā€” Mozilla Firefox

Also Signal is not the default RGB control. Nor are they affiliated with Glorious as far as Iā€™m aware. As @tecmo34 stated Glorious Software for the wired mice can be downloaded here instead.

Yes I know that I have both software I was just wondering if there was a work around for the signal rgb support