Boxing Day Sales?

Will there be Boxing Day sales? Need to get me some more Glorious products :wink:

I have no idea what a boxing day is. Do you mean a fight?

No idea what it is or who celebrates it but I know in Canada I think they do not sure where else. And it’s always the day after Christmas if I’m not mistaken. @Lordswoldermort I would love to know what it’s all about!

As in the day after Christmas? Maybe it’s only an Australian thing

Boxing day is a thing in the UK. Our household doesn’t treat it special though, and many shops are open again on boxing day. It is however a bank holiday (if not on a weekend) in the UK too. Many shops do boxing day sales, but it isn’t universal. Amazon have an up to 40% boxing day sale right now.

Sorry everyone! Late to reply as I was off for the last week or so, but we do still have our holiday sales going on, and these sales are pretty competitive with what we had for Black Friday. Give those a check if you’re still looking for sales!

I am done with Holiday Sales, I bought everything! lol

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