Black on white japanese keycaps

I was wondering if any of you guys know good black on white keycaps with the Japanese letters as well? I don’t know the proper word for them. I’ve looked and cand find much, and whenever I see them in a YouTube video, the never link them.

Akko has a nice one it’s sold out right now…there’s a bunch on Amazon if you search black on white Japanese keycaps.

Someone earlier was looking at this keycap set on the Glorious discord, they asked in the Akko server and said it was discontinued

I just brought the IFK Monochrome Keyset which can be a fully white and black set, just exclude the hot pink accents. However, I heard someone said these are a sandy texture but I don’t mind so I brought it anyways.

I think if you are okay with ordering from China, KBDFans probably has a black on white keycap set with Japanese lettering I believe

Thanks all!

Epbt Origami is kinda that theme. Love this set