Been Waiting for 2 weeks for Guild Keycap

I got a email October 30 saying I won one and I don’t need to do anything. But its still not here and I have heard nothing about it.

@Millions might be able to check on tracking for you?

@Bearenby I had emailed the email they said to if I had a question but as of yet I haven’t heard anything from them.

Just sent you a DM with tracking info :slight_smile:

I understand the impatience. When I heard I was getting one the arrival date felt like it was ages away.

I also received that email 2 weeks ago. Would it be possible to find the status of mine?

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It has arrived all and well


I mean, it looks fantastic to me.

How are you liking the cap?

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Its great! It looks great and has great build quality.


Hi there! I’m in the same boat, email from October 30, it hasn’t arrived and I don’t know anything else, could you give me the tracking info please?


Just sent you a DM with tracking info!


looks good!! I just joined the guild and hopefully some day soon I’ll have a guild keycap too!