Are the pre lubed Glorious Pandas worth it for a GMMK 2?

Hey all, typing from my new to me GMMK 2.

I have been rocking a full size GMMK for a couple years, most of the time with Glorious Pandas. Well, I ordered a GMMK 2 complete to try out both linears, and lubed switches, both for the first time.

My findings… I love the feel and sound of lubed switches, but linears reduce my typing accuracy a LOT. I just got finished swapping the Pandas from the GMMK over to my GMMK 2, and yeah, these switches are the business. But I do NOT feel like buying all the stuff and lubing them, because it is unlikely I will ever do so again, so the pre lubed switches are SUPER appealing.

So, all that to ask, how are the pre lubed Pandas?

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@garciawork the pre lubed pandas are great bud. They do a pretty good job and it retains its tightness from factory vs you opening them and actually lubing them.
Personally I did not want to lube them either and bought the lubed version and I have to say I am extremely happy with them. I bought the lubed glorious pandas for both my builds and it’s hard using any other switch lol.
I have the holy panda xs on the way and also got the Gazzew Boba U4T both in 62g and 68g springs. It is very hard to transition to anything else lol. The lubed glorious pandas are the way to go you won’t be sorry man.