Anyone know the best audio format for sound tests here?

I see the options presented when trying to upload sound or video but if I wanted to do a sound test and upload it here to the forums, which format should I record in? What’s best? Or should I record and upload to YouTube and share that here?

Thanks to you glorious folks in advance for the good good answers! :wink:

If I can plug my YouTube here too? I am new to trying to upload regularly and I have no shame :rofl: and I’ve found a lot of joy in talking about and showing my Glorious growing collection over on YT.
If you are inclined, have a look and give me some feedback. I take all kinds and appreciate it. Just published a rundown of the Glorious Numpad from the article today and did a big unboxing (with an awful sound test in it) not too long ago as well. HA! Still learning.

Thanks again!

For videos, you generally want 24-bit, 48 kHz audio. If possible, I keep it uncompressed (linear PCM) when uploading to YouTube because they’re just going to re-encode it anyway.

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Thanks @noodohs! Appreciate that good good! :slight_smile: