Any Improvements/Tech In The Model I Making Their Way To Model O/D?

It might be a bit too early for this kind of post, but I’ll be curious to see if any of the updates/improvements in the Model I will trickle down to the rest of the line.

I hesitate to say the magnetic side buttons, as the O/D are more in a light weight performance category, but maybe there is some stuff we just can’t see yet! :yum:

(This is literally a guess, nothing factual.) The GMMK 2’s are featuring a new updated Glorious logo, so I’m thinking the Model I could have that logo too. Maybe the O and D will be updated eventually??

Oh dang yeah that’s a good point.

For whatever reason I’ve always dug of cut off/off center logo on the mice. I wonder how it’ll jam with the new logo.

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I’ve personally always liked the logo, and I feel the new one is a bit too oversimplified. I suppose most brands are oversimplifying their logos, though.

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Just give it 10/15 years when they release “retro” or collectors editions XD