After a few months my keyboard randomly shuts off.


At the time I am writing this I have had the the GMMK Ten-keyless keyboard for 5 months. The keyboard has worked great until approximately 3 weeks ago. Currently, I am experiencing random shutdowns. So far, I cannot pinpoint a commonality amongst each time the keyboard turns off. Whether I am working in Excel, or gaming, the situation doesn’t seem to matter. The only consistency I can think of is I am typically on the computer for at least 30 minutes before it may become disagreeable. When the keyboard does turn off, I must unplug it, either at the pc or the keyboard, for it to revive. Does anyone know why the keyboard is randomly turning off?

Sorry to hear about your keyboard turning off randomly @domenico. I would suggest reaching out to Glorious Support for assistance. That’s going to be the fastest and most reliable way to get to the bottom of the issue.

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