Acrylic Keyboard Cover Suggestions

Does anyone have recommendations for acrylic keyboard covers that fit the GMMK compact and the GMMK TKL? I’m using the vacuum-formed plastic covers that come with the keyboards–which fit the stock GMMK compact perfectly but the provided GMMK TKL cover is a tight fit over my GMK keycaps.

I’m considering the KBDFans 60% cover for my GMMK compact and the mStone TKL cover for my GMMK TKL. Has anyone tried these covers on your GMMKs? Are there other recommendations that will fit either of these (awesome) keyboards?

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Update: I bought and reviewed these covers in my post below.

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Looking for a cover myself.

If Glorious was to make a 75% keyboard dust cover for the GMMK Pro I would totally buy one. As of right now I can’t find a cover that would fit its dimensions.

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Easy money. I am surprised they didn’t have one planned already.

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i would absolutely buy an acrylic cover if glorious made one. right now i’m using the top from one of the keycap cases. it’s cheap and flimsy, but it gets the job done :woman_shrugging:t2: i’m down for any recommendations for an acrylic cover


Update: I bought both of the linked covers.

I like the KDBFans 60% acrylic cover since it fits the GMMK Compact very well. The exterior dimensions almost perfectly match the keyboard case dimensions. There is room inside the cover to keep it from pressing any keys or scratching the sides of the keycaps. This one gets a :+1: from me for the GMMK Compact.

The mStone TKL acrylic cover does not fit the GMMK TKL very well. The cover is too large in both the length and width. mStone includes a silicone spacer (see pictures below) that you can put on the edges that gives the cover just enough interior width to sit on the keyboard case. It will protect your keyboard, but it definitely looks too big for the GMMK TKL. You can see the top-bottom overhang in the top view photo below and you can see the side overhang in the last photo.

If the KBDFans TKL cover ever gets restocked, I’ll buy one and test it on the GMMK TKL. As always, if anyone still has recommendations let me know.


I Would like to see Glorious rigid plastic keyboard dust covers.

The soft clear plastic dust cover that comes with my GMMK 2 96%, will break over time and I would like to see a replacement option.

Some suggested colours,
Ultra clear
translucent colours - to match keyboard
Solid colours - to match keyboard

I hate cleaning my keyboard.

Cheers all

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